Here are 10 home staging tips to sell a home

  1. Hire Classy AF Interiors.. duh! We have a proven track record of getting homes top dollar by staging a home for sale. Realtor’s love working with us and say we make their job easy!

2. Make Minor Repairs- Most homes have been lived in and some more “loved” than others. It is always a good idea to repair the minor flaws in the house whether is be chewed up baseboards from your dog, fixing hardware in the bathroom and kitchens, just about anything that has been on your “Saturday To Do List” that you have been meaning to get around to for the last year.

3. Declutter- Decluttering your home is the #1 staging tip I could give to any seller! It is important that the room looks big and spacious. To be honest a room in a house that is bare looks better than having a ton of bulky furniture you have to squeeze through to get past. I always tell clients to remove any personal items as well, especially in the bathroom! When people are walking through a house, it can be slightly uncomfortableness walking through someone else’s home and space. Having your toothbrush and personal grooming items out may deter potential buyers and no one wants that!

4. Paint your home– Nothing like the smell of fresh paint on your walls! Painting your home gives your house an instant facelift and makes it look new again. This is probably the most drastic and inexpensive way to transformation your home instantly. I will do another blog on amazing neutral paint choices for your home.

5. Use Art to Add Visual Interest– Art is the best way to warm up a house and have fun with it! If you love abstract art or bright and colorful art, it is fun to play around.

6. Replace light bulbs with LED– “warm-white”, “bright-white” and “cool-white” These range from the 3000-3500 K range.

7. Add Personality with Accessories– Add greenery with faux trees and plants. Add color through art and pillow covers. By changing out your dated pillows with new beautiful and on trend pillows you instantly change the look of a living room or bedroom.

8. Remove family photos– Especially in common areas (I actually think these are creepy but what do I know..) It is great that you love your family and I’m sure if I had kids, I would be someone who would put up a large black & white barefoot family photo above the mantel. But in reality, buyers don’t care! They want to imagine themselves living in your home and family photos may distract them or feel a certain way.

9. Update your appliances if need be. Nothing dates a kitchen like old appliances. It is an expensive cost but if you can afford to do so prior to putting your house on the market, it will drive interest in your home. Just remember sometimes fronting high costs at first can make the biggest return on your investment.

10. Avoid Anything That Looks Dated– If you have an old hutch or dresser that is dated maybe add accessories or just remove those furniture pieces. It is better to not have it than to keep it and if at all costs just dress it up with more contemporary accessories and artwork in the room. Update appliances, outdoor furniture, bedding (white is best!), anything that you know would not be presented in the big reveal on HGTV! 

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