6 Best White Paint Colors

Going with an off white or a white that has some creaminess to it, is the way to go. It won’t be glaring to the eye, and it will give your house a softer, more pleasing, appearance inside and out.

Aren’t all white paint colors the same? No way, Jose! White can actually be a little tricky especially when you’re using it for different areas of the home (exterior paint vs. wall paint colors vs. trim and door colors). In my opinion, you don’t want to use a white that is too bright, especially on the exterior of your house. If you do, your house will be blinding to look at in the sun. You also don’t want to paint the walls with a warm undertone if it doesn’t compliment the aesthetic in the home.

Going with an off white or a white that has some creaminess to it, is the way to go. It won’t be glaring to the eye, and it will give your house a softer, more pleasing, appearance inside and out.

1.Alabaster by Sherwin Williams:

My Favorite.. Hands Down! Why, do you ask? Because this color makes you forget your dated goldish-brown travertine floors from 2008. I’m telling you, this is the best way to update a house without having to completely remodel everything! It even goes amazingly with Accessible Greige (SW) as a trim. I recently used it on a project we were flipping in Indio, CA. The condo had  goldish-brown travertine floors. I knew we wouldn’t make money on the project if we ripped the flooring out and replaced them with Luxury Vinyl Planks. When I went to the property, I brought all my trusty white paint chip colors with me and found that Alabaster was the best. I also thought we could modernize the place by having darker trim (Accessible Greige). When I made that suggestion, my husband and contractor thought I was crazy, but we ended up getting 10% over asking with 8 offers!



Another example of Alabaster working with a darker creamy color from @chrislovesjulia : 

2. Pure White by Sherwin Williams:

This white is very simple and goes great with contrasting colors. I would only suggest using this color on walls for a Mid Century Modern or Modern House or a trim color.  I recommend using contrasting colors such as Iron Ore (SW) for the doors, windows, or any trim in the house. You can also use other elements to warm the house into a home such as art, fake plants, and colorful pillow cushions!

Pure White can be very sterile if you’re using it as a cabinet color. I also would not use it for the exterior of a house because it will stand out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood. Once that sun hits the house, may need the shades they give you after cataract surgery just to look directly at your house! 

Picture of how it is done wrong:

Done Right:

3. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore:

Chantilly Lace is another very bright white color. It is very milky and almost gives off a fragile vibe probably because of the name! Interior Designers love this color and use it quite often, I like to have fun with my colors and based on all the other elements in a home, I wouldn’t choose Chantilly Lace for every project. But it is a good safe bet if you are unsure which color to use in your home! Again, make sure to warm up the home with other vibrant contrasting colors to avoid the cold and uninviting feel it can bring if not executed accurately. Also, if you have dogs, kids, a messy person, or own a rental property, it’s best to avoid the very bright white colors.

4. Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore:

This color has a cool, subtle, grey undertone that compliments nicely with other grey colors. If you are designing a room with an Art Deco vibe/Parisian (very similar to the inspiration photos in the CB2 magazine) influence, I would hands down choose this color. I even would suggest this color in a lacquer finish for any wood trim to really give you that European Style (which is becoming more popular and I couldn’t be more excited!)

5. Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams:

You don’t hear much about this white color but I love it and I think it will gain popularity in the future! Greek Villa is a white color with classic warm hues that modernize any room of the house. Not only does the name make you want to travel to Mykonos and enjoy the gorgeous architecture of white stucco buildings lined with cobblestone walkways. It also brings comfortable atmosphere that transforms any house into a home.

6. Snowbound by Sherwin Williams:

This White color has a Grey Undertone. It is a great color and would work perfectly on a cabinet, wall or even trim. It is a clean and calming white color and I really enjoy seeing as an exterior paint color.

By Katherine Amanda:

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